Wolf Trap First-time campers: Benefits

Wolf Trap First-time campers: Benefits

First-time campers, youth leaders, & Wolf Trap National Park benefits from the program.

The camp out helps 5th & 6th grade campers learn new skills, demonstrate that outdoor activities can be fun, teach them about different aspects on nature, foster a meaningful connection to the natural world, and are an alternative to video games & texting.

Camping Skills: setting up tents, cooking meals in the open (Dutch Oven, camp stoves), Leave No Trace, overnight experience, camp fire skits, animal antics, and promote the health of both the camper & nature

Other outdoor Activities: archery; fly fishing; pollinators; gardening; a hike featuring Dimple Meadow, Deer Exclusion area, Uplands, Farm Pond, Wetland area; birding: What to look for, how to identify, binoculars; team work; backstage tour (possible theater employment); robotics

This is a youth leadership training opportunity that allows youth leaders to practice the skills they learn in the scouting program

Wolf Trap demonstrates it is participating in the NPS Every Kid in a Park & is connecting with under served youth.